In W106, our July/August 2014 issue - in leading UK newsagents from 26 June – you will find….


AFTER THE FLOODS: It was the wettest winter since the last wettest winter. Kathy Mansfield describes how Thames boatyards to see

WHAT’S THE POINT OF TRADITIONAL RIGS? Designer Paul Gartside explains their advantages… and much more besides. click to see

COMMISSIONING THE CATBIRD SHARPIE: Designed on the Chesapeake, built in Ireland, raced in Scotland; David Whitehead has a story of Serendipity. click to see

STRIPPING FOR BEGINNERS: Learning as he goes, Anthony Sluce builds a strip-plank pocket cruiser in his own backyard. click to see

BUILDING A WOOD & CANVAS CANOE: In an age when everything has to be ‘quick and easy’; Colin Galloway finds building a beautiful boat slowly brings its own special satisfactions. click to see

SAILING A CORNISH LUGGER: Handling dipping lugs and standing lugs, Nigel Sharp finds sailing Barnabas requires plenty of crew… and concentration. click to see

NOT FORGETTING… Why they had to cancel the ‘Thames Trad’; Andrew Wolstenholme with two new break-deck launches in Grand Designs: Ian Nicolson on the neglected surface-piercing propellor: and Dick Phillips on cutting large diameter curves with small diameter saws.

STOP PRESS… And here's the video of the 2014 Cordless Canoe Challenge... and the others. click to see