Starting our 24th year & still independent, here’s what you’ll find in the January/February 2020 issue, mailed to subscribers around the world on 14 December.







• THE FESTIVAL OF THE LOIRE – The greatest gathering of the simplest of rivercraft in France and Kathy and Colin were therel: click to see

WELCOME, WINSOME & RANSOME – How Arthur Ransome hired a Broads cruiser in 1931 and IBTC Lowestoft restored her in 2002: click to see

BUILD YOUR OWN 16’ (4.9m) FAST DAYSAILER – Designer Paul Gartside sends full plans with offsets for his updated lugger: click to see

• BUILDING A WOODEN CRUISING YACHT – Jerry Eardley is ready to fit the decks on his modern composite gaffer: click to see

BUILDING A COLD MOULDED CUTTER – John Levell has to shoehorn his 22’ (6.7m) Gartside design out of the shed: click to see

UPDATING TO ELECTRIC PROPULSION – Philip Paddy’s award-winning homebuilt launch goes green: click to see

• GRAND DESIGNS: Which canoe yawl to build this year, Selway-Fisher’s popular Lillie or CLC’s innovative Autumn Leaves?: click to see

• PLUS… Leonard meets a turtle at the deep end • Ian Nicolson on What Surveyors Do • Unbiased and unbribed, Paul Gartside, Colin Henwood, Andrew Wolstenholme and Dick Phillips offer their professional assessments in Reviews & Reports.