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• AMERICAN BEAUTIES – Kathy Mansfield presents an album of proven smaller yachts and boats now built using modern methods: click to see

ON THE WATERFRONT – Cat and Si Holman visit Metre Yacht Restorations, a proper boatyard with proper boatbuilders: click to see

BUILD YOUR OWN 18’ (5.5m) CLINKER LAUNCH – That’s lapstrake and Paul Gartside’s plans will make you want to do it: click to see

• BUILDING A WOODEN CRUISING YACHT – Jerry Eardley completes the cabin top on his all-weather modern gaffer: click to see

KATE’S LITTLE LUGGER – At the Boat Building Academy, Kate Abernethy and friends build our last issue’s eye-catching cover boat: click to see

LILI’S DAGGERBOARDS – How Jean-Yves Poirier used today’s foil technology to design and build them for his raid boat: click to see

• FANNY THE FANTAIL LAUNCH – Yes, what did happen to her?  We asked her designer Paul Fisher of Selway-Fisher Design: click to see

• PLUS… Working On Water: Cat and Si Holman also call in on Riggers UK • Ellen Massey-Leonard goes hunting for bear – with her camera • Kathy Mansfield squeezes in another American Beauty : the Colonia Dinghy • Colin Henwood takes the helm at the WBTA • Ian Nicolson on security in the cabin