In W115, our January/February 2016 issue - in UK newsagents from 17 December – you will find….


• A BETTER BEER LUGGER – It’s not about raising crew morale, writes Nigel Sharp, it’s where they race on Mondays. click to see

•THE SMACK’S BOAT - How a wooden workboat inspired a family-friendly GRP sailing dinghy; Marc Fovargue-Davies on a local hero.  click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN MOTOR SLOOP: Paul Gartside sends full plans for an inboard-engined dayboat for less supple sailors. click to see

• BUILDING THE LILI – 2:  Having designed his epoxy-plywood kit for the Montaubin raid boat, Jean-Yves Poirier begins the build. click to see

• WHAT’S THE POINT OF EPOXY RESINS?:  Who better to ask than David Johnson, guru of the gooey stuff at Wessex Resins. click to see

• CORDLESS CONFIDENTIAL: Comeback challenger John Barker shares what he’s learned as a 3-time drill/driver. click to see

• PLUS: Kathy Mansfield meets George Whisstock, designer of traditional-looking boats for amateur builders using modern methods; Dick Phillips completes an eye-catching Whisstock dinghy; Simon and Cat Holman celebrate 60 years of James Wharram’s catamarans; and Anna Walker investigates what supermodels wear when they go boating.

Cordless Canoes: The Director’s Cut. click to see


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