A year of great gatherings for wooden boats.
And not just in France.
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• TWO HAVENS FOR TASSIE – How a crew of US boatbuilders built two classic dayboats for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival: click to see

THE FIRST DUTCH WOODEN BOAT FESTIVAL – How retired teacher Bert van Baar put on the biggest wooden show in the Netherlands: click to see

SKIFFIEWORLDS – How 57 community crews from around the world came to race their home-built St Ayles Skiffs in Scotland: click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN 15' (4.6m) WORKADAY GARVEY – Full plans from Paul Gartside for a simple purposeful boarding boat: click to see

LIGHT & EASY – How Ant Mace builds modern skin-on-frame craft – and teaches his customers how to do it for themselves: click to see

BUILDING ELVER – How retired solicitor Harry Scott built his first boat at IBTC Lowestoft, a Norfolk Punt for single-handed racing: click to see

• MAKING YOUR OWN CARBON FIBRE SPARS: How Jean-Yves made modern masts for Lili, his kit-built lightweight raid boat: click to see

• PLUS… Arranging the accommodation on John Levell's cruising cutter • Turning over the hull of Jerry Eardley's modern gaffer • Colin Henwood at the Thames Trad and the Bridlington Sailing Coble Festival • Andrew Wolsenholme's Sprite.