In W125, our September/October 2017 issue - in leading UK newsagents from 24 August – you will find….

Watercraft cover

• BEALE 2017– The smaller the boat the greater the relaxation? Kathy Mansfield's pictures of the Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show in June makes a very good case….    click to see

LAPWING 2 – In W117 Rob Green and his family described building their Vivier 'Jewell' pocket cruiser. Now they've gone cruising...   click to see

QUIET REVOLUTIONFour legs good: Marc Fovargue Davies and Gill Moon go afloat on a pedal boat made for two... click to see

• WHAT LARKS! – Moray MacPhail on setting a new World Record in the Water Craft Makita Cordless Canoe Challenges. Well, maybe... click to see

• BUILD YOUR OWN TANCOOK WHALER – Full plans with offsets from designer Paul Gartside for a delicious little schooner. click to see

• LESSON THREE Scott Sadil's learning curve gets steeper when he builds his first traditional clinker dinghy - another Gartside design. click to see

BUILDING A CANOE YAWL – Tony Darrah explains how he built a winner in our 2017 Amateur Boat Building Awards. click to see

AND… More of this year's ABBA winners; Colin Henwood on electric boats; Brooke Elgie on the last of his Last Boat; Cat & Simon Holman make a lead line; and Andrew Wolstenholme designs a dinghy for Young Gaffers.