Ted Moores
Not just the book you need if you want to build a strip  plank canoe or kayak – it’s also just the book if you want to build any type of strip plank boat, covering everything from setting up the boatshop to fitting out. Softback. 273 x 207mm. 207pp b/w dwgs. £30 Order no. FB0179


Ted Moores
Well illustrated and very detailed stage-by-stage description of how to build kayaks using strip plank constuction. Useful too for strip plankers not building kayaks but since it has lines and offsets for 4 designs, why not a kayak too?
Softback. 275 x 215mm. 175pp, 100s of pix. £20 Order no. WB0063


Wood and WEST System Materials by Meade Gougeon
The 5th edition of the bible of modern epoxy-wood boat building, there are probably boats built with the methods described in it which weigh less than this mighty tome. Yes, it is written and published by the creators and manufacturers of one particular brand of epoxy but you don’t have to fear an unremitting sales spiel; this well-written, expert and exhaustive manual is essential reading for all boatbuilders, ancient and modern.
Hardback 285 x 220mm 406pp.
£49 Order no. WRA402


Nick Schade
Another great value US book – where else would a grown man call wood dust ‘dookie schmutz’? – but don’t be deterred. This is the most detailed manual on strip-building we’ve come across: clear explanations, excellent drawings and free plans & instructions for a tender, a canoe and a kayak. Softback, 230 x 185mm, 280pp £25
Order no: MGH904


Samual Devlin               
In the USA, ‘stitch and tape’ has come a long way from plywood tenders and polyester resin. Boatbuilder Sam Devlin uses it with epoxies to create craft up to a 42’ (12.8m) gaff ketch. “Good sense, good descriptions, good designs” - W5 review. Softback. 255 x 180mm, 256pp, 150 illus. £22 Order no. IM0019



Thomas J Hill                    
Very light and very elegant canoes and skiffs built using plywood and epoxy. The designs are American but the technique is increasingly international and this book has our editor’s award for one of the best written, best illustrated of the lot.   Softback. 280 x 215mm, 134pp, 140 illus. £20 Order no. IM0021


Mac McCarthy.
Cedar strip construction for small craft, written around the building of Wee Lassie, an 11'6" (3.5m) canoe. "Much more than the average DIY manual," said Jack Chippendale in W18,  "Every step of the way is very clearly and precisely set out. A well written and easy to follow book". Softback. 253 x 190mm. 100pp. B/W pix & dwgs.  
£26 Order no. WB0061


 Jim Michalak 
Another substantial softback from Breakaway Books, publishers who don’t believe in stinting on words, pictures or sub-titles. This one’s is: Everything You Need to Know to Build a Sailboat, a Rowboat, a Motorboat, a Canoe and More!  Clearly inspired by the functional simplicity and ease of building of boats by Phil Bolger, the American designer/author Jim Michalak includes six full bound-in boat plans. US A4 Softback:  
£22 Order no. BB0502

Iain Oughtred               
 Modern clinker construction uses plywood planks fastened with epoxy adhesive, not rivets, so the lands are not only watertight but also act as strength members. Iain Oughtred, one of Britain’s leading small boat designers, explains exactly how to do it. Recommended! Softback. 300 x 210mm,170pp, mono & line illus.
£27 Order no. IO0058

stitch and glue

Chris Kulcyzycki
The author is the founder of Chesapeake Light Craft, leading US manufacturer of pre-cut plywood boat kits. Writing in W77, our tame amateur boatbuilder Chris Perkins wrote: “I wish I had read this before I started down my boatbuilding path; it would have saved much heartache.” US A4 softback.
£25  Order no: MGH903


Gavin Atkin
Inspired by the plywood designs of the late Phil Bolger and Jim Michalak, the author is a British medical journalist who also enjoys the fun in functional in his own small boat designs. There are plans and offsets for 17 of them in this book. US-size A4 softback £25 Order no: MGH902