His delayed materials

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Whether it’s Covid collateral or Brexit hitting the fan, we’re getting reports from the timber merchants of much slower delivery times of boatbuilding materials. Since Covid appeared on the radar, there has been massive global demand for general construction timber and sheet products, restricting supply, “As if this was not enough,” writes a leading supplier, “Freight rates are through the roof because containers are in the wrong places around the world due to Covid disruption, we now have a shortage of distribution drivers in the UK and European transport companies are reluctant to deliver over here.”

Prices are rising across the board with materials arriving late, though specialist suppliers of marine-grade products who forward order are managing to maintain stock levels – with the exception, says one established boatbuilder, of the South American teak. The general advice to boatbuilders, pro and am, seems to be get your orders in early, even for winter projects; they don’t expect it all to be over by Christmas.