The latest launchings from Skol ar Mor

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Photographs: Skol ar Mor

Two new wooden boats built by students at French wooden boatbuilding school Skol ar Mor were launched earlier this year.

A François Vivier Ilur and a traditional Breton canot both took to the water for the first time on 29th January, the result of five months’ work by trainees on the two-year Level 4 Charpentier de Marine wooden boatbuilding course.

The 14’6’’ (4.4m) Ilur is one of celebrated French designer François Vivier’s most popular sail and oar designs, built here with larch clinker planking over steamed locust frames and oak keel, stem, transom and sheer strakes. Spars and oars are all Douglas fir.

‘Tender to Thalie’ is an 11’6’’ (3.5m) traditional Breton canot – a small boat used for rowing and sculling.

Carvel planked in maritime pine on sawn oak frames and floors, all structural members, transom and garboards are also in oak, with Douglas fir oars and an ash sculling oar.