Founded in 1997 by Pete Greenfield, previously editor of Classic Boat and The Boatman, WaterCraft magazine is an independent international bi-monthly. It’s aimed at the boat enthusiasts who want to do it, not dream about it, presenting appealing boat designs from around the world and practical articles about all aspects of boatbuilding, in the boatyard and in the backyard. WaterCraft regularly features wooden boats and ‘green’ boats, with plans for home boatbuilders in every issue. WaterCraft looks at tradition for information, not replication and to the future for inspiration and innovation.

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IAIN OUGHTRED 1939-2024 Moray MacPhail remembers the designer whose elegant boats we have featured so often: Click to see

LEARNING TRADITIONAL SKILLS– Jacques van Geen and Roger Barnes describe how beginners built the Breton lugger Josephine: Click to see

BUILD YOUR OWN 25’ (7.5m) FAMILY LAUNCH –  Paul Gartside sends plans for a characterful craft big enough to take the grandkids too: Click to see

BUILDING A TRADITIONAL CLINKER DINGHY Amateur Peter Robinson begins his first build using the old techniques: Click to see

JUST ONE MORE BOAT – Tony Darrah thought he had given up home boatbuilding but a Selway-Fisher Coble kit became irresistable: Click to see

THE REDSHANK REDEMPTION How Polly Robinson found a boat kit abandoned in the trash and turned it into a practical tender: Click to see

BACK FOR THE FUTURE ­– Inspired by a semi-derelict workboat, Nick Barlow re-created a little Fifie using modern methods: Click to see


Master boatbuilder Colin Henwood celebrates the Allway scraper • And returns to test Sykes Timber’s sustainable teak • Julian Wolfram has more dinghy guidelines for amateur designers  • Moray MacPhail goes around the block • Ian Nicolson has ways to find the sources of sneaky leaks • And in Grand Designs, Paul Fisher has more coble designs for home builders.