New boats launched at Skol ar Mor

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Seven boats have been launched at Skol ar Mor wooden boatbuilding school in France this summer, built by students on the school’s 1 year and 2 year courses.

From the 1 year course:

Morbic 12, a 12’ (3.6m) lug rigged sail and oar dinghy designed by François Vivier. Clinker / lapstrake construction, maritime pine planking on steamed locust frames and an oak transom, stem and backbone in sipo.

WOODY BAR, an 18’6’’ (5.6m) One-Man New Haven Sharpie designed by Edson Irwin Schock.
Sprit-boomed cat ketch rig, cypress planking on African mahogany structural members, Douglas fir spars and oars, glued and painted canvas on cypress decking with oak coaming and trim. She also comes equipped with a depth-adjustable balanced rudder.

21’’ (6.4m) Beachcomber Alpha Dory CAPITAINE CARRASCO, designed by William Chamberlain. Clinker / lapstrake maritime pine planks on oak frames, transom and sheer strake. Her bottom is planked with Douglas fir and the spars are also of Douglas fir. She is looking for an owner.

A 14’6’’ (4.4m) Ilur, designed by François Vivier. Carvel construction with oak transom, sheer strakes, garboards and structural members. Maritime pine planking on steam bent locust frames. Spruce spars and oars.

From the 2 year course:

A 20’3’’ (6.2m) gaff cutter, ‘Maid of Endor’ John Atkin design. Larch planking on steamed locust frames, with oak structural members, African mahogany transom, cabin sides and trim. Plywood/Dynel deck and roof, Douglas fir spars.  Accommodation for 3 crew and an electric motor.

An 18′ (5.5m) Diben 18, a gaff rigged sloop pocket cruiser designed by François Vivier. Douglas fir planking on steamed locust frames, oak transom and structural members. Plywood deck, Douglas fir spars and oak cabin sides, sheer strake and trim.  Outboard motor well and a cuddy cabin with 2 berths.

KRAKKEN, a 15’ (4.5m) Connecticut River drag boat with sprit rig and jib. Plans from Mystic Seaport. Clinker / lapstrake construction with cedar planks on steam bent locust frames. Oak transom, sheer strake, combing, centreboard and structural members, straight laid cedar deck, Douglas fir oars and spars.

Photographs: Skol ar Mor